Train your unique way of presenting
and start presenting from the core of your being.

Self-Presentation: Confidence, Focus, Persuasion
Are you a beginner in presenting or would you like to improve your confidence and basic skills in presenting? In this course we will work on:
- Increasing your focus and reducing your nerves
- Creating more brain space while presenting
- Interaction with your audience
- Position and movement of your body
- How to introduce your topic in 2 different ways
- Constructing a slideshow
- Presenting together with your slides

What to expect as a beginner?
- A lower threshold towards presenting
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What to expect as an experienced speaker?
- A persuasive, motivating and clear way of presenting
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Costs: €2875,- excl. BTW, travel costs and room rental.
Number of participants: 6-14
Duration: 4 half-day sessions

Advanced Self-Presentation: Persuasion, Structure, Visualisation
Are you able to deal with nerves and take the audience response into account? Then this is your next step in presenting.
Through interactive teaching methods, exercises and homework assignments you will learn how to:
- Bind your audience at the start of your presentation
- Engage them on an emotional level
- Set the atmosphere at the start
- Structure your story to minimise the effort for the listeners
- Transform the story structure into a slideshow
- Minimise the amount of words you say
- Clarify using your hands and voice
- Present using different visualisation techniques:
   Slide, hands and mental images

Costs: €3000,- excl. BTW, travel costs and room rental.
Incl. feedback on homework in between sessions.
Number of participants: 6-12
Duration: 3 sessions of 4 hours

Pitch Workshop (1 hour): Persuade efficiently in 30 seconds
In one hour you will learn how to write an effective and personal pitch which is adjustable to your audience. Through interactive exercises you will improve your delivery and audience interaction, after which you will eventually pitch your pitch to the group and receive feedback.

Costs: €250,- excl. BTW, travel costs and room rental.

Customized Workshop or Training
A training or workshop in which you decide what will be worked on, with how many people and for how long.

Cost indication: €750,- per half day, excl. BTW, travel costs and room rental.

Important presentation coming up?
I can personally coach you. On an individual basis you will work on your specific problems. The exercises will be adjusted to your needs and your personal cognitions and motivation will be addressed.

Through coaching I can help you with:
  - Stress reduction and/or focus improvement
  - Voice and silence usage for structured delivery
  - Body and voice usage for atmosphere creation
  - Hand usage
  - Pitch and/or storyline structure
   (Pyramid principle, Analogies, Opening with questions)
  - Slide design
I could even coach you before, during and after the presentation

Coaching is also very useful in preparation to a job interview, since it gives the possibility to train through role playing.

Costs: €120,- per hour, excl. BTW, travel costs and room rental.