Presense Method

People are more likely to say 'Yes' to what you do or what you ask of them if they are interested in you as a person.

This means you cannot only rely on your content during any kind of presentation or contact moment; you have to show who you are.
The PreSense method allows you to be who you are in front of a large group of people and at the same time allows you to interact with your listeners and your surroundings in an effective way. It helps you to focus before and during your presentation by use of 4 focus points:
Audience, Thoughts, Hands or Slide.

The Method is useful for speakers at any level.
It relieves a beginner from nerves that block the possibility to present and lifts an experienced speaker to a level of higher control, giving the opportunity to improvise and interact in the moment.

Gerben Tuin is a professional stage and film actor, theatre director and writer. After finishing his masters in Applied Physics he started an intensive training on the art of acting through different workshops and literature. Exercises to craft his own acting skills have been and still are an inspiration to his work as a trainer.

With his analytical background and experience as a professional actor he researched to develop a method which is based on the connection between the brain, the body and the hormone system. Because of his analytical background he understands even better how the brain can have a negative influence on your presentation: a bad connection with the body, minimal contact with the surroundings and a low concentration. He still uses his own method to get past this negative influence.

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