The oldest and best medium in presenting is you!

But as soon as you step in front of an audience something inside you tends to change. Especially when you need to be as sharp as you can be, it feels like you're just not the best version of yourself.

  • Your brain is not as clear as you would like it to be,
  • you talk, but not like in a normal conversation
  • and at times it feels like you're not fully in control.

Or maybe you are someone who rather avoids presenting.

  • It makes you uncomfortable and too nervous,
  • you tend to speed up and just be done with it,
  • maybe you panic, have black-outs...

However you might feel when you present, there is a way to overcome your problems. A technique that brings out the best in you and at the same time helps you to focus yourself and your audience on what is important.

4Focus is for every presenter:

As an actor I act on what is happening around me, on stage or in front of the camera. By focussing on this interaction my audience is not focussed on judging my acting skills and will be moved by the story. As a side effect my nerves disappear, and my speech and my behaviour becomes natural.
  The 4Focus technique I developed throughout my career as a trainer, actor, director and writer, helps you to focus outside yourself and focus the attention of your audience on the information. With it you’ll find it easier to interact with your audience and activate them.

With 4Focus you’ll bring out the best presenter in yourself and turn your presentation into a dynamic and visual interaction.

“...The feedback I got from the audience was amazing and I mean I will feel guilty if I don’t say a thank you to you.”

“...He was able to give specific advice for online presentations, besides presentations in general. I really like the course.”

“...His enthousiasm and infallible sense for light confrontation ensure that you make live progress...”

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